Our Team

Meet Our Team

 Ross Mannion – NQEMT / AREMT – Paramedic Dip (Director)

Dr Deborah Lanča M.D DRCOG MSc ~ (Medical Director)

Deborah gained her Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Rejka, Croatia. Deborah has a Masters in obstetrics and gynaecology with University College Cork and is currently engaged in a general practitioner training program.


 Alan Batt – NQEMT / Paramedic

Alan gained his graduate certificate in intensive care paramedicine and Masters from Charles Sturt University, NSW, Australia. He is currently completing his PHD.
Alan is a critical care paramedic and has worked in Ireland, England, Bosnia , Crotaia, UAE, USA and Canada.


Hugh Devine – NQEMT / Fire Fighter

Hugh works as a firefighter and is a NQEMT with longford fire brigade


Joan Keane – Cardiac Nurse

Joan gained her Nursing Degree from University College Dublin and specialised as a cardiac nurse.

 Patrick Murphy – NQEMT /  Paramedic

Patrick gained his NQEMT / Paramedic from the University of college of Dublin



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