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Surviving Cardiac Arrest



Cardiac arrest in communities is a serious problem. According to the Irish Heart Foundation there is a loss of  7% to 10% for each minute that passes by without CPR & defibrillation. Clearly early CPR & defibrillation is needed to help save somebody’s life. Ambulances unfortunately can in some cases take some time to reach victims normally exceeding more then 10 mins. By then the cardiac arrest victim may lost any chance of survival.

Do many cardiac arrest happen in Ireland? According to the Irish Heart Foundation 14 people die per day. So what is being done to combat this?

Today we have an increasing amount of volunteer PHECC Cardiac First Responders in our communities willing to assist in the response time of certain emergencies. A 112 or 999 or call is made and PHECC Cardiac First Responders are alerted to assist until the arrival of the HSE ambulance service. We also have many PHECC First Aid Responders being trained in places of work. Not only are these responders being able to provide a service but also they are bringing skills home to a family member friend or loved one.

Do trained first responders really make a difference?

We welcome peoples comments or stories they may have in relation to this!

PHECC First Aid Responder Course Cork

First Aid Course

First Aid Course

At E.R training have been providing professional first aid courses to area of Cork County since 2011. Over the years we have noticed big improvements in the standard of first aid courses being delivered by first aid instructors.

The standard of first aid has since been improved by the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (P.H.E.C.C) by the introduction of the PHECC First Aid Responder course. Contact us for more information on 0214770405 or 0879676700


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