VDU Assessment

VDU Assessment

As required by the Safety Health & Welfare at Work (General-Application-Regulations) 2007

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VDU Assessment

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A VDU Assessment is a test to see if display screen equipment, keyboard, input devices, work chair, work desk, work accessories are within the accessible work environment. It is the employers duty to ensure his or her staff have a VDU Assessment for each workstation they may work at. Here is a link to the health and safety authorities frequently asked questions on VDU assessments in the workplace.

What is not covered in the VDU assessments are laptops, drivers’ cabs, machinery, computer systems on transport vehicles, cash registers, portable equipment such as laptops not used in prolong uses at the workstation.

We will carry out risk assessments on each of the employee’s workstations and our assessor will observe the employee in their work environment. The assessment will look at the workstation, screen, chair, and position of the desk. 

Adjustments to the workstation will be made to reduce risks and will be made immediately and these changes recorded. The assessor will explain to each employee why those adjustments are required and the personal benefits. Each employee will get individual advice on why their workstation has now changed.

A report will then filed on our system and a copy of the VDU Assessment will be returned to you. This report is important to you as it demonstrates that a Risk Assessment has been carried out as required by the HSA.

Typically each assessment would take 15mins. This may also take longer if we discovered that the employee has any existing conditions that we may need to make suitable adjustments for.

As required by the HSA as part of the VDU risk assessment each employee should required an eye test. Our company doctor can carry this procedure if required


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