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As required by the Safety Health & Welfare at Work (General-Application-Regulations) 2007

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Portable Appliance Testing Cork (PAT Testing Cork)

Because of not PAT testing and maintaining portable appliances properly, this can lead to death, injury and cause serious property damage. People are killed in Ireland almost every year from contact with, or as a result of electricity. Our aim is to carry out periodic inspection and testing of electrical installations to reduce the possibility of harm arising from the electrical installation in a workplace.

Not many companies know that PAT testing it is required by law. Please see section 81 of Guide to the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007. Many insurance companies are also insisting this standard is met to remain compliant to standard. The risks to businesses and the safety to staff and visitors are high due to the lack portable appliance testing. 

The Inspection and maintenance of Portable equipment, is more susceptible to damage than fixed electrical equipment. It is also more likely to be used in different locations and is often directly in contact with the user. Due to this it is important that portable electrical equipment is maintained to be safe. To make sure that it continues to be safe, employers must ensure that portable equipment which is exposed to conditions likely to cause deterioration and consequent danger, and is supplied at a voltage in excess of 125 volts AC, undergoes a visual check by the company and is periodically inspected by a person competent to establish the ongoing safety of the electrical equipment. The nature and frequency of these inspections will vary dependent on the use and location of the equipment. In addition to these periodic inspections, where the portable equipment is subject to conditions causing deterioration and is supplied at a voltage exceeding 125 volts AC, then the portable equipment and associated leads and plug tops must be tested and certified as being safe by a person competent to carry out such tests. If the certificate issued indicates that the equipment is not safe, then this equipment must not be used until it has been made safe and has been certified as such. A system of visual inspection is necessary in order for an employer to ensure that safe equipment is being provided for use. The frequency of inspections should be related to the likelihood of equipment damage. Where required by manufacturers or where it is subject to heavy wear and tear, equipment will need to be tested.

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