Oxygen Therapy Training

Oxygen therapy

Oxygen Therapy Training

Course Length: 4 Hours

Certification: Certificate Of Attendance Valid For 2 Years

Ideal For Health Care Facilities

Onsite Or Off Site Training Available



Course Structure


Airway & Breathing


Spo2 Monitoring & Complications

Oxygen Guidelines

Oxygen Masks & Ventilation

Oxygen Cylinders

Working Safely With Oxygen

Oxygen During Transport

Scenario Based Practical Exam

Theory Exam

 Open Discussions

Oxygen Therapy training is for anybody working with Oxygen. All our instructors are trained paramedics with many years of experience in working within the ambulance service and working with oxygen.



E.R Training
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Co Cork
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Website: http://ertraining.ie
Email: info@ertraining.ie


Important: E.R Training deliver training in accordance to the standard of professional bodies of Ireland. Any deviation without professional direction may be unlawful. Heart screening tests are taken at initial level on healthy people to ensure normal mechanical and electrical function exists within the heart. Due to cardiac events that could occur at anytime in ones life routine heart screening is always recommended.
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