Our Team

Meet Our Team

 Ross Mannion – NQEMT (Director)

Ross has worked in the ambulance service in Ireland, America, Australia, Bosnia & Croatia.

Dr Deborah Lanca M.D DRCOG MSc ~ (Medical Director)

Deborah gained her Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Rejka, Croatia and now works in Ireland with University Hospital Limerick. Deborah has a masters in obstetrics and gynaecology with University College Cork and is currently engaged in a general practitioner training program.


 Alan Batt – PHECC Registered Paramedic

Alan gained his graduate certificate in intensive care paramedicine from Charles Sturt University, NSW, Australia.
He is currently completing his Masters of science in Critical Care in Cardiff University, Wales.
Alan is a critical care paramedic and has worked in Ireland, England, Bosnia , Crotaia, UAE, USA and Canada.


Hugh Devine – Fire Fighter

Hugh works Fire Fighter and is a PHECC registered NQEMT.


Joan Keane – Cardiac Nurse

Joan gained her Nursing Degree from University College Dublin and specialised as a cardiac nurse.

 Patrick Murphy – PHECC Registered Paramedic

Patrick gained his NQEMT / Dip of Paramedic from the University of college of Dublin
He currently works the with Irish ambulance service.



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