Mission Statement

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to educate the learner in Pre-Hospital Emergency Care whilst giving the learner the confidence and skills necessary to carry out such care”.

Our Aim:

  • To offer training and that caters for each person’s style and pace of learning.
  • To provide learning materials that will assist you before, during and after your class.
  • Provide an after care service

Student Information

Before Class


  • E.R Training may cancel a class at any time.
  • E.R Training will fully refund the learner if cancellation happens between 1 to 15 working days. If cancellation occurs more than 15 working days a full refund will not be awarded.
  • E.R Training will continue to offer the learner other suitable times to complete his or her training.

Before starting class we will send your student pack to your postal address 7 working days before your due class start time. Should we need to cancel the class within 15 working days we will refund all costs to the learner. Outside of 15 working day the learner will be offered a new course class time restructure. Restructuring of class times will be given to the student within 5 working days in the event we cancel a class. All course fees should be paid prior to class using our online shopping cart. Due to complications that sometimes arise with delays in post we will present the learner with a student pack when they arrive to class. Before class we would appreciate if the learner could:

  • Notify us if you do not receive your pack within this time frame
  • Arrive 15 mins before start time for registration
  • Notify us as early as possible should you wish to cancel your course
  • Notify your instructor or our main office if you have any requirements to aid your learning experience or if you have a restriction or illness that may affect your learning experience.

During Class

During class we understand that people have commitments to business and personal life. Due to this we understand if telephone calls have to be made, but we would appreciate if you could set your phone to silent or vibrate. During class we would appreciate if the learner could:

  • Listen to the emergency evacuation planning in the event of such an emergency
  • Take all telephone calls outside the training room
  • Treat all other learners and staff with respect and courtesy

After Class

After class you will be notified if you were successful or unsuccessful in your tests. If unsuccessful you will have the possibility to be retested at the end of class. We understand this may be outside your planned learning time but we unfortunately are unable to foresee this. Should you be unable to stay behind after class we will offer you the chance to visit one of our other courses in the near future to complete your training. This would need to be completed within 60 days from the date of the course ending. If unable to complete the course within the 60 days the course would be deemed unsuccessful. Successful learners will be awarded certification within 14 working days.

Appeals maybe made in writing by 14 working days. Internal assessors will on receipt of the exam papers contact the learner with confirmation that they have received them. learners exam paper work will then be assessed by an external and internal assessor. The learner will be notified of his or her result within 14 working days.

After Care:

We are open monday to friday during office hours 9am to 5pm and 10am to 2pm on Saturdays. You are welcome to contact us by telephone with any query you may have during these times. Should we miss your call please leave us a voice message and we will return you call within 24 hours.  Should you wish to send us an email or write to us we will reply to your message within 7 working days. Please ensure to leave us your full name and contact telephone number.


E.R Training
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Office: 0214770405
Mobile: 0879676700
Website: http://ertraining.ie
Email: info@ertraining.ie


Important: E.R Training deliver training in accordance to the standard of professional bodies of Ireland. Any deviation without professional direction may be unlawful.
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