Here’s what some of our clients are saying:

E.R Training supply the pupils and staff at our school with heart screening and first aid training. Ross Mannion has my contact details should you wish for a recommendation.

– Linda Dreelan

E.R Training service our two hotels in Cork for first aid and fire training. Highly recommended.

– Catriona Sheehan
HR Manager FOTA Collection

The team at e.r training provide heart screening and first aid for our staff and clients. Extremely professional & highly recommended

– Alan Murphy
Personal Fitness Coach

Back in April 2016 I was given the opportunity through my employer to attend an onsite ER Training Heart Screening Appointment. On the day feeling no different I attended the appointment with no trepidation. The screening took place in a very discreet manner and was conveniently located outside my work premises and took little time from my busy working day.

Hours later I received a call from Dr. Deborah Lanca regarding concerns she had identified on my Medical report. She strongly advised me to contact my local Emergency Dept as soon as possible. ER Training was so professional & reassuring to me without overly distressing me about my condition.
At present I’m still attending appointments to monitor my heart condition which was highlighted through the ER Training appointment. I consider myself to be one of the lucky people. I’m so glad to have been given the opportunity through ER Training & my employer for this medical intervention. Should I not have availed of this opportunity, I would have remained oblivious to the damage been caused to my heart & other organs.
ER Training has liaised with me throughout all my medical appointments and I still remain very much in contact with them to date.

– Employee
Cork Training Centre, Rossa Ave, Cork

E.R Training train our registered nurses and staff here at River Medical. They are very friendly and extremely easy to deal with. Highly Recommended.

– Aisling Cleary Registered General Nurse, Manager, River Medical, Dublin

Over the past number of years we have used Ross Mannion from ER Training to train our Leisure Club and Hotel Staff. We have received top class First Aid, Defibrillator, Manual Handling and Fire Safety Training at a very reasonable and competitive rate. ER training also provide Heart Screening for our members & staff. I would highly recommend them.
– Karen Buckley, Leisure Club Manager, Castle Hotel, Main Street, Macroom, Co. Cork

– Karen Buckley leisure Club Manager, Castle Hotel, Macroom, Co Cork


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Important: E.R Training deliver training in accordance to the standard of professional bodies of Ireland. Any deviation without professional direction may be unlawful. Heart screening tests are taken at initial level on healthy people to ensure normal mechanical and electrical function exists within the heart. Due to cardiac events that could occur at anytime in ones life routine heart screening is always recommended.
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