Cardiac First Responder Advanced Level


During the course we will deliver on how to use both the manual suction unit and automatic Laerdal Suction Unit.



Supraglottic Airway 

Knowing how to select and place the correct SGA when needed is critical to maintaining the patient's airway.

Bag Valve Mask

During the training course we will deliver on how and when to use the bag valve mask

 Oropharyngeal Airway Insertion  

Learn how to correctly size and place oropharyngeal airways



Oxygen Therapy 

Knowing how to and when to apply oxygen  

Bag Valve Mask

During the training course we will deliver on how and when to use the bag valve mask


Course Outline

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Heart Attack
Cardiac Arrest
Aspirin Administration


Cardiac First Responder Advanced Course

The CFR Advanced Course taught by the Irish Heart Foundation includes the BLS Provider Course plus the CFR Community Course segment and the CFR Advanced Course segment and takes a day to complete. The three parts of the course must be completed in order to gain CFR Advanced certification.

The advanced segment of the course covers oxygen delivery, airway adjuncts, insertion of SGA’s, suctioning and the team concepts of resuscitation. Therefore the CFR Advanced Course is appropriate for those responders who will be using these advanced skills on a regular basis and who work as part of a team.

If you are able to successfully complete both the skills and written exam assessment components of the course you will receive both an IHF/AHA BLS Provider and IHF/PHECC CFR Advanced course completion cards that are both valid for 2 years.

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