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Emergency response training is an Irish Heart Foundation training centre that consists of emergency medical staff.
We deliver health and safety services nationwide to businesses, schools and sports clubs.
All our training and certification is through professional bodies in Ireland.

 Mobile Heart Screening Nationwide For Companies & Sports Clubs

 Oxygen Therapy & Infection Control Training

 QQI Occupational First Aid Training

 QQI Manual Handling Training & Patient Handling Courses

 PHECC First Aid Response Course

 PHECC Cardiac First Responder CFR Community & CFR Advanced levels

 PHECC Emergency First Responder EFR Training

 Irish Heart Foundation C.P.R & Defibrillator Training

 Irish Heart Foundation BLS for Health Care Providers

 Irish Heart Foundation Paediatric First aid Courses

 Irish Heart Foundation Sports First aid Courses

 Fire Extinguisher Training & Fire Warden Training

 Emergency Evacuation Chair Training

“An Ounce of Prevention is…
Is worth a pound of cure.”
~ Benjamin Franklin


Irish Heart Foundation Training Centre

Irish Medical Council registered Doctors along with nurses on the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation register all work under Irish Heart Foundation standard for first aid. Our medical team deliver Basic life support (BLS) training for Healthcare providers nationwide to hospitals, nursing homes and care centre facilities.

Health & Safety Authority Standard

In 1989 the Health & Safety Authority was formed for health, safety and accreditation. Occupational first aid training was introduced as the gold standard for first aid at work. All businesses now have a unified structure in place to protect the public and working colleges.

Educational & Training Board

We believe everybody should learn first aid courses. Our medical teams visit schools and colleges around Ireland providing training and lectures in public health such as concussion and cardiac health care.

Quality And Qualifications of Ireland

Our medical team are dedicated to offering the best service through professional training and certification. Occupational first aid courses, patient handling courses and manual handling courses are awarded by the Quality And Qualification of Ireland Q.Q.I formally known as F.E.T.A.C

Working With Professionalism

E.R Training’s team consist of health care professionals. All our medical staff are qualified practitioners that have many years experience working in Ireland and abroad. We serve the communities of Ireland in education, prevention of heart disease and in public health.

Why choose us?


Join Us In The Fight Against Heart Disease!

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world? And that Ireland has close to the highest rate of heart disease in Europe? On average 10,000 people in Ireland die each year from the effects of cardiovascular disease and a further 10,000 suffering the effects of cerebral vascular accidents (Strokes). Approximately 2,000 of these stroke suffers will die. At E.R Training we believe through education, awareness, routine heart screening and a healthy and active lifestyles, we really can make a difference.

Heart Screening Nationwide

Heart Screening could never be made easier. Our mobile heart screening ambulances visit schools, sport clubs and companies nationwide.

AED & First Aid Kit Sales

We only stock top quality defibrillators and first aid kits. Visit our shop to and pay securely on line with Visa or PayPal .

First Aid Courses Nationwide

We proudly deliver the most professional & comprehensive first aid training nationwide. We deliver this training to schools, care facilities, businesses and to our own Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors.


Join our team at E.R Training and see why our clients love our company so much!

“E.R Training provide heart screening and first aid training for pupils and staff at our school. We highly recommend them.”

Linda Dreelan – Kinsale Community School

Emergency Response Training

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Important: E.R Training deliver training in accordance to the standard of professional bodies of Ireland. Any deviation without professional direction may be unlawful. Heart screening tests are taken at initial level on healthy people to ensure normal mechanical and electrical function exists within the heart. Due to cardiac events that could occur at anytime in ones life routine heart screening is always recommended.
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